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ChantiArt is the nickname of Santiago Peniza, author of Jaro. In his Twitch channel he exhibits his work to make himself known and have fun participating with his viewers. If you like comics and want to see the artistic process of it, this is your channel.

Visit Jaro's encyclopedia of the universe, which will be enriched as the plot progresses.
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You'll find an interactive map with places where important plots and locations occur. Also a bestiary to know the fauna of this world and exclusive historical articles of the different cultures.

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Welcome to this adventure.

In the past, a bloodthirsty war was started by four amulets that the leaders were eager to seize. The war ended when those amulets were lost.

Today the people are at peace, but the tension is increasing because there are different organizations that are ready to collect the amulets and that, only bring more wars.

My name is Jaro, my mission is to look for the amulets, to discover the mystery that they envelop and to destroy them to finish with the root of the problem.

Jaro is an adventure comic in a fantasy world, written, drawn and published by Santiago Peniza. Currently available the first chapter of the series. Subscribe now for updates.

Visit the Twitch page of Santiago “Chanti” Peniza if you want to know the creative process of this great universe, as well as interact live and see how it draws all kinds of content related to the comic. Many times he will draw the pages as long as it is not a spoiler.

Volume 1

A mysterious attack on a nearby village means that Jaro has to open the doors of his village to shelter the survivors. It seems that the reason for the attack is a good starting point to start looking for amulets.